Waterford Walls Street Art Festival

Waterford Walls is an international street art festival that transforms Waterford City into an open-air gallery.

Waterford Walls invites over 30 street artists again this year to transform Waterford’s walls, making our city an essential cultural attraction in Ireland.  

Mark your calendar with the dates: August 17th-20th 2017 to witness magic happen again in Year 3 of this exciting and unique project.

Festival Funding

As you can imagine it is no mean feat to put on as ambitious a festival as Waterford Walls. The majority of funding was due to the hard graft and slog of the Waterford Walls team as well as the fantastic support of local, small businesses. In 2017, we are increasing our artist numbers as well as expanding our programme, so the funding needs are even higher again. Please take a look at our 2017 target and consider a donation in order to make Waterford Walls 2017 happen.

2017 Financial Target


We love the artwork so much that Caoilfhionn Hanton painted on our wall. We still have our regular customers talking about how brilliant it is as well as visitors who come in to talk to us about it. We don’t want it ever to be painted over. We think Waterford Walls in one of the best projects to come to Waterford in recent years.

Evelyn Roche
Evelyn RocheWaterford Business Owner who had a wall painted in 2015

Other than new jobs announced I can safely say this is the best thing to happen Waterford in Years. Some of the work is incredible. Can’t speak highly enough about it and how they’ve transformed some old buildings into vibrant works of art.

Keith Brazil
Keith Brazil

Really inspiring stuff; adding a vibrancy to the city culture and well done everyone in both the council and community for making this happen. All it needs is coffee shops and pop-up of local designers and it’s a hub of brilliance. Well done all!

Rob Cass
Rob Cass

The waterford community are really lovely, welcoming people, and the walls project was exceptionally well organised, I’m looking forward to being back there again this year…one love

Louis Masai
Louis Masai Waterford Walls Artist

Absolutely fantastic to see so many people following the trail of art in the city. Had a great weekend seeing the artists at work and will be proud to show it off to my friends and family visiting the city.

Trina Tsai
Trina Tsai

What’s is going on here in Waterford with these guys is truly wonderful and should be embraced and encouraged by everyone here in the community of Waterford.

Brent Pope
Brent PopeWaterford Walls ambassador 2016

I loved working with Waterford Walls last year,I love working big so it  was brilliant to be part of this exciting festival. Passers by were so encouraging & I meet some fantastic people. The standard of all the street artists was so high & I was so inspired by their work. I can’t wait for this years festival and the opportunity to paint another wall.

Lisa Murhpy
Lisa MurhpyWaterford Walls Artist

I think its fantastic people being able to display their talents through the form of art and give all those dull walls a new vibrant look for people to enjoy.

Anne Larkin
Anne Larkin

Great hope in this. Well done to ye for the great work!

Ian Hannigan
Ian Hannigan

Fantastic Project, bringing colour and life back to the city, an event everyone should get out and support.

Emma Giles
Emma Giles

Amazing things being done! Lovely to see something different

Louise Hanlon
Louise Hanlon

The arts coming to the fore.Well done to all.

David Holden
David Holden

Waterford Walls has been inspirational and to be honest one of the best things to come to Waterford. To have these artists visit our town and gift us with these beautiful pieces of artwork is just breathtaking. I’m so proud of my city once again.

SarahBusiness Owner

Want to get involved?

We have lots of exciting positions for volunteers who want to immerse themselves in Waterford’s thriving street art scene. We want to hear from people interested in photography, videography, graphic design, admin, stewarding and guiding tours. Anyone who would like to volunteer to help out, please contact us. We can’t wait to chat to you.


An ideal way for local businesses to get involved with Waterford Walls is through our Sponsor a Mural programme. This stage of our fundraising is ongoing, so check out the sponsor packages here and get in touch with our team.

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