ANIMALITOLAND - Waterford Walls


Animalitoland is her visual universe. Curious by nature, she is a self-taught illustrator, graphic Designer from Buenos Aires University. For 10 years she’s worked in diverse media: illustration, comics, animation, videogames (among others), cultivating a visual language of her own, which she uses to shape her creatures. Around 2010 she moved her inner world into the streets, without knowing how deeply would this impact on both artistic and personal ways.

She’s been a conference speaker at Pictoplasma (Berlín) and Intramuros (Madrid); made solo exhibitions at Club Maipú (Buenos Aires) and Swinton Gallery (Madrid); and painted in the streets of Argentina, Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Hungrary, Estonia, and China. She’s now travelling, painting and growing from direct experiences with people.

This is Animalitoland’s second time painting with Waterford Walls festival. We look forward to what she will produce for us in 2018.