caoilfhionn hanton

My name is Caoilfhionn and I’m addicted to rap, Instagram and over-sharing on the Internet. Unfortunately I’m currently facing the ultimate buzzkill that is the Leaving Cert. A five foot one overly-social midget of a sort, I presently dwell in the swelling nebula of house music and blaas that is Waterford.

I like art that is simple and effective, images that show rather than tell but I can’t stand anything bland (unless its intentionally plain like normcore turtlenecks haha). I personally prefer the paintings of Dali, Basquiat,Rauschenburg but I equally love graffiti and vaporwave. I am especially interested in pop cultures’ trends and obsessions, and when I reclaim my pre-LC life back, I hope to create art that challenges societies cultural stereotypes, and celebrate my personal favourites, from the nostalgic eighties icons to the noughties celebrity trainwrecks, all in my own #funky #fresh style. I believe I am to become the Biggie Smalls of the art world one day, notorious with a spray can on the international streets and besties with Kanye West.

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