FATS - Waterford Walls


Fats (patrol) is an Indian-Canadian artist on the move between Dubai, where she was born, and Toronto. With a background in fine art and sociology, Fats’ work revolves around social observation and hidden messages about how we interact with each other, mythology, story-telling and finding pockets of magic and romance in an increasingly impersonal world. In the last year those stories were told by birds in a style that features bold and gestural black line and monotone colours. Fats has painted walls in the UK, Jordan, Canada, Australia and the UAE. Her work ranges from studio work on found objects to stop motion to walls. In 2010 Fats set up The Domino, an artist-led creative platform in Dubai. With a passion for art’s social impact and ability to help people, she is currently pursuing a diploma in Art Therapy in Toronto.
2018 is the first year Fats Patrol paints with Waterford Walls. We look forward to welcoming her to our street art city in August.