Lost Optics - Waterford Walls


Lost Optics lives and works in Bucharest, Romania. He started doing graffiti back in 2001. His style developed from the classic graffiti into a more geometric one with sharp long lines that are crossing the composition. Now his work is concentrated on letters enframed in basic geometric shapes: circle, square, rectangles and line, with a limited range of colours fused with elements of digital art. The aesthetic he’s aiming stands for a different perception of the flat surfaces, an algorithm where all the elements combined are creating visual urban language. His work is based on experiment, the process being important for the final result, always trying to give more potential to spaces with different surfaces and textures.
The Walls team welcomes Lost Optics for the first time to paint at Waterford Walls festival in 2018. We look forward to his colourful geometric designs lifting a wall in the city to new heights.