Louis Masai - Waterford Walls


Louis Masai is a British painter, sculptor, illustrator and street artist perhaps best known for his murals of endangered animals, in particular, bees. A graduate of Falmouth School of Art, he strives to find a human reference to animals juxtaposing an element that might not be previously obvious.

Masai wants to provoke and use his art as an agent for change and ecological awareness. He is an artist first and foremost but his strong beliefs inform his practice at every turn. It is easier to fail both as an activist and an artist than it is to succeed. His street practice should be understood as a dialogue and complementary to his gallery work. He paints on the streets because that is the most impactful place for his message.

Masai understands that the ecological issue facing mankind is possibly the greatest threat we have ever faced and one, which this generation has a duty to address.