Louise McKenna - Waterford Walls


Tonight’s announcement marks the return of Louise McKenna!!
Louise McKenna Artist is a Waterford based artist who is a self confessed late comer to the art world. At 30 Louise found her passion in Australia and it’s been quite an amazing journey ever since.
Louise feels it was a great buzz last year at Waterford Walls Street Art Festival with such an amazing team to be a part of and she is so excited to have the opportunity to do it all over again in 2018.
This year Louise will be sticking to what she specialises in, and her passion, ElephantsLouise is looking forward to the biggest challenge she has ever put on herself and she couldn’t be more excited to push the boundaries!

Louise’s art career has taken some twists and turns of late with children’s book illustration on the horizon, all the while working towards her first art exhibition.
Louise says “It’s funny really, I used to sit at home and dream of what I’m doing now, and here I am actually doing it. So it’s true what they say, see it your mind and you can feel it in your hands one day. If you work hard enough that is. Don’t ever give up on your dreams. No matter how old you think you’ve become”.
We here at Waterford Walls are delighted to have Louise returning to our festival this year and we certainly can’t wait to see her work large scale!