Monkey Bird Crew - Waterford Walls


There’s a new street art team in town…

Louis Boirdon and Edouard Egea alias MonkeyBird. Their name is of high symbolic signifiance to the two artists in that, within their self created mythology, the monkey stands for realism and the bird for dreams.

It aslo evokes depictions of the ancient Egyptian deity Thot in wich the god was portrayed as being sometimes as an ibis, sometimes as a baboon.

Monkeybird’s imagery has a nostalgic air about it, featuring delicate black and white graphics reminiscent of old scientific drawings. The artists’s choices of background i.e. old wooden doors and various other objects with antique patinas, are therefore particulary befitting.

Time for observation – MonkeyBird are in their observatory philosophizing about the incomprehensiblenature of destiny. They gaze out into endlessness, as the sand quietly falls through the hourglass.

Frank Krämer, Art Director, Volkingen Huette, Germany

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Presented in partnership with the French Embassy in Ireland