The Team - Waterford Walls


Waterford Walls is an international street art festival started by The Walls Project that transforms Waterford City into an open-air gallery. Waterford Walls invites over 50 artists again in 2018 to transform our city walls, continuing to make Waterford an essential cultural attraction and International go to street art destination. Mark your calendar with the dates: August 17th – 26th 2018 to witness the magic happen again in Year 4 of this exciting and unique project.

Edel Tobin

Sponsorship, Founder & Project Manager

Edel Tobin is founder and project manager with Waterford Walls Project, which is one of many ideas in how to re-imagine public spaces. In 2014, she was founded New Street Gardens, a pop up garden built on a derelict site in the city. In 2017, she launches Patterns of Light-a lighting display along the Quay in Waterford.

Louise Flynn


Louise Flynn is a visual artist who works in the city. She has curated many mural projects and artwork for festivals and exhibitions. She was recently invited to create a mural for Wynwood Embassy in Miami. It is this experience which drives her passion to see this art form transform the city and capture the imagination of the community, as artists and people work together. Waterford is going to join the list of great international cities that celebrate street art!!

Pippa Halley

PR and Communications Manager

Pippa Halley is a proud Waterford native, passionate about being involved in re-energising the city through Waterford Walls. The project is right up her street, given it combines art and the outdoors. Pippa loves all things creative and has a background in PR, Marketing and event management. She will oversee communications in conjunction with the committee and sponsors.

Emma Loughney

Digital Marketing and Sponsorship

Emma Loughney has been a Communications Manager in the Arts and Education sectors for over 8 years, and is fascinated by art forms old and new. Her MA Thesis explored artist rejuvenation of vacant spaces and her paper on this topic was published in the VAI’s Visual Artists Newsheet. Emma joined the Waterford Walls team in its founding year, working on social media strategy and output. She is now on the Board of Directors. You can watch Emma’s TEDx Talk about Waterford Walls here

Gabe McGuinness

Assistant Project Manager

Gabe McGuinness is a creative soul and long term graffiti/ street art junkie. Gabe has a background in Arts & Event Management and Social Media with a particular interest in festivals, which makes Waterford Walls the perfect project for him. His thesis on the role of street art in the making of a Creative City fuels his excitement for Waterford Walls and is a driver for his involvement with the festival.

Neill Mac Cann

Graphic Designer

Neill Mac Cann is a Waterford born Graphic Designer. Having spent over a decide living abroad, he returned to his native land and worked on several other arts projects in the city before joining the Waterford Walls crew. Neill has always been an advocate of the positive influence art & design can have on the people who live among it every day and Waterford Walls is at the forefront of bringing street art and design to the proud people of Waterford City.

Shaun Whelan

Waterford Walls Music Programming and Fundraising

Shaun has DJ’d and ran events in Waterford and Ireland for over 20 years, most notably as part of Yachtrock and Fade to Grey. His monthly podcast series has been running since 2012. His eclectic taste in music fits perfectly with ethos of Waterford Walls. He has worked on the 2017 festival as well as contributing to the soundtrack for the inaugural Waterford Lights, another festival event brought by the Walls team.


Waterford Walls Captain

Ned has chaired countless meetings integral to the development of Waterford Walls Festival. Ned is now taking on new clients for 2018, canine and human, he makes no distinction. For any advice on event management issues Ned can now be contacted at