One of the cornerstones of the success of Waterford Walls International Street Art Festival is our amazing team who work tirelessly throughout the year to create and curate the event that Waterford Walls has grown to be.

Check out our amazing team below to see who works behind the scenes to bring the magic to you each August.

Edel Tobin

Founder, Director & Project Manager

Edel Tobin, CEO, Founder and Project Manager of the Waterford Walls Festival, has a passion for re-imagining public spaces. Edel set up The Walls Project, a creative agency which manages the festival as well as the year round programme of activities.

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Cristina Ciampaglione

Administration and Bookings Co - ordinator

Cristina Ciampaglione is an International Art Professional and artist based in Ireland. Her academic studies at the Fine Arts Academy and Arts management in Rome provided her with an excellent grounding in visual arts, together with a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of its practice. Cristina joined the team in July 2019.

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MJ Jacob

Volunteer & Admin Coordinator

MJ has been involved in bringing art and people together for over 10 years. She has worked both nationally and internationally as an Artist, Coordinator and Art Educator.

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Emma Loughney

Corporate Sponsorship & Communications

Emma has been a Communications Manager in the Arts and Education sectors for over 12 years, and is fascinated by art forms old and new. Emma joined the Waterford Walls team in its founding year, and works on communications, sponsorship and strategy.

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Terez Cechova

Social Media Manager

Terez Cechova is an experienced digital marketing and photography enthusiast who joined Waterford Walls as one of the festival’s volunteers in summer 2018.

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Catherine Cheevers

Sponsorship & Fundraising

Catherine Cheevers has been with Waterford Walls since it's inception in 2015. Catherine has worked with the team in many roles and is now overseeing local Sponsorship and Fundraising Events.

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Louise Flynn


Louise is an artist whose background is in Fine Art, painting and drawing and is a professional tattoo artist. Louise has initiated, managed, created and participated in many mural projects and exhibitions both nationally and internationally.

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Pippa Halley

PR and Communications Manager

Pippa Halley is a proud Waterford native, passionate about being involved in re-energising the city through Waterford Walls. The project is right up her street, given it combines art and the outdoors.

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Sushma Clark

Financial Advisor

Sushma came on board with Waterford Walls Festival in 2017 to advise the team on all matters financial. She now not only advises on the festival itself, but also advises on our year long programme of activities including workshops, commissions and other projects.

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Ned has been with Waterford Walls since its inception in 2015. His role has changed over the years and he now sits well in the position of security for both the team and the office.

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